Traveling Folding Kettle Electric Silicone Foldable Water Kettles Compression Leak Proof Portable Mini Kettle

1. Foldable: It is small enough to drink safe hot water anytime and anywhere without taking up any space.
The foldable body is light and easy to store, easy to carry, and does not take up space.
2. Material Safety: Safe to use, hygienic and healthy, food-grade silicone pot body/304 stainless steel heating plate.
3. Convenient Boiling Water: There is a temperature in the journey, foldable kettle body pacifier grade silicone kettle body 04) 304 stainless steel comfortable handle multi-speed adjustment heart) intelligent anti-dry burning.
4. Quickly Boil Water: 850W high-power for 5 minutes to quickly boil water, high-power to heat the fast-heated water stream, and hot drinks are available at any time.
5. Multi-Function Adjustment: Control the temperature for multiple scenarios, and use multiple temperature options at will.

Product Name: Folding Electric Kettle
Rated power: 680W
Material: Plastic, Silicon (food grade), 304 stainless steel

Product Model: SW-06J002
Product color: white blue pink
Rated voltage: 110v~220V
Product capacity: 500ML
Size before folding: About 18.2×13.2×17.2cm/7.17×5.2×6.77inch
Folded size: About 18.2×13.2×9.7cm/7.17×5.2×3.82inch
Package size: About 17x13x11cm/6.69×5.12×4.33inch

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