Legend Refill Ink Black Color For Printers

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Legend Refill Ink Black Color

Legend Brand Number-1 Printer Ink
Product Type:
Printer Ink
Quantity: 100ml
Color: Black
Brand: Legend
Good quality product Legend Refill Ink Black Color

Compatible Printer Model:
Compatible with Epson Inkjet Printer L130/ L220/ L310/ L360/ L365/ L380/ L385/ L405/ L455/ L485/ L550/ L555/ L565/ L605/ L655/ L1300/ L1455/ L110/ L210/ L220/ L300/ L350/ L355/ L365/ L385/ L455/ L485/ L550/ L555/ L655/ L800, Printers. Epson L3110, L3100, L3101, L3115, L3116, L3150, L3151, L3152, L3156, L4150, L5190, L6170 , L4160 , L6190 , L6160

1. High color saturation, high fidelity
  2. Ultrafiltration, no clogging caused
  3. Weak acid or alkalescent formula, no corrosion problems
  4. No bleeding, no smear, high print quality
  5. Quick dry formula, satisfaction at high-speed printing
  6. Water-based formula, no toxicity, no chemical hazards, no environmental pollution.
  8. High Quality Manufactured under ISO9001/ISO9004.
  9. can be filled with long-term high-quality – printer ink, (EMPTY)
 10. the ink range: dyes — pigments

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