Garden Gloves Fingertips Claws 8 ABS Plastic Claws

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Garden Gloves Fingertips Claws 8 ABS Plastic Claws

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  • QUICK AND EASY DIGGING: 4 ABS plastic claws on each glove. All 8 claws have been attached with an environmentally friendly adhesive. Garden Gloves Fingertips Claws
  • GREAT FOR GARDENING: The durable fingertip claws are great for planting, digging, and raking without the use of hand tools. 
  • PROTECT YOUR HANDS: 100% waterproof and puncture-resistant to protect your hands. Breathable technology reduces hand sweat. Helps protect your hands from dirt and injuries during heavy-duty work.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: High-quality latex coating offers superior ductility that is suitable for both men and women.

Gardening gloves with fingertip claws are the one-step solution to handle a variety of gardening tasks. Make digging, planting and raking in the garden fast and easy. Make yard work fun again and hassle-free without the need for hand tools. Both left and right hand gloves are included along with 8 durable ABS plastic claws. The glove material is both breathable and stretchy. Natural latex coating protects your hands from dirt, sweat and injuries. Durable, waterproof and puncture resistant to protect your hands. Extremely lightweight and stretchable. One size fits most. The perfect gift for gardeners!


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