Foot Reflex Slipper Massage Slipper or Acupuncture foot Massager

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Foot Reflex Slipper Massage Slipper or Acupuncture foot Massager

আকুপাংচার ফুট মেসেজ সুজ

  • এই ফুটওয়্যার -এ রয়েছে ৮২টি মাসাজিং টিপ
  • যা হাঁটার সময় আপনার পায়ের তলায় “reflex” পয়েন্টগুলিতে চমৎকার মাসাজের মাধ্যমে সারা শরীরে রক্ত সঞ্চালন প্রবাহ বৃদ্ধি করবে।
  • Foot reflexology নার্ভ সার্কুলেশন বাড়ায়, যা শরীরের অঙ্গসমূহের ব্যালান্স নিশ্চিত করবে।
  • পায়ের ব্যথা উপশমে সহায়তা করবে।
  • এটি হাই কোয়ালিটি প্রোডাক্ট যা দিয়ে হাঁটার সময় আপনার টেনশন কমবে।
  • UNISEX প্রোডাক্ট।

Key Benefits

  • It will relieve any kind of pain
  • It increases blood circulation
  • Can be used for the foot massage
  • Increases immunity
  • Helps for better sleep
  • Relieves fatigue
  • Helps to relieve leg pain
  • Reduces body tension while walking Diabetes and is highly Beneficial for patients with high blood pressure
  • Runs without batteries or any other external power
  • Helps relieve stress
  • These Reflexology Sandals increase the body’s blood circulation through massage slippers

Foot Reflex Slipper Massage

Product Details of Reflexology Massage Slippers

These fancy Reflexology Massage Slippers are highly effective for your physical calmness and relaxation. It is designed according to reflexology theory, this slipper has 72 pressure-sensitive massage heads through which pressure will be applied to specific pressure points on your feet while walking. Using this slipper for 10-15 minutes every day will increase blood circulation in your legs, relieve fatigue and exhaustion and help you sleep. Just like a Foot Massage Therapy session, using this slipper will bring you peace of mind and relieve stress.

What is reflexology?
Reflexology is a type of massage technique that increases nerve activation and blood circulation by massaging different pressure levels on certain pressure points of the body (usually the hands, feet, and ears). According to the theory of reflexology, these organs of the body are related to the internal vital systems which can be relaxed or stimulated through external massage.

How long should I use it daily?
Avoid wearing it all the time like a normal sleeper. It is a therapeutic product. That is, use it as therapy for a certain period. According to expert advice, it is enough to use 10 minutes a day in the beginning, and up to a maximum of 15 minutes later. Those who wear shoes all day will get very good results if they use 10-15 minutes at the end of the day back from the office.

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