EELHOE Tongue Cleaners With Soft Brush Scraper

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EELHOE Tongue Cleaners With Soft Brush Scraper Fight Bad Breath Mild Formula Cleaning Gel Remove Oral Odor Tongue Care Universal

Name: tongue coating cleaning gel

Net content: 50g
Shelf life: three years
Storage method: store in a cool and dry place
Product function: clean tongue coating and freshened breath
Weight: 87g

1. eliminate halitosis: A proper tongue scraper is the best way to treat halitosis. Your new tongue scraper can not only clean your mouth, but also effectively keep your mouth fresh without irritation.

2. safety ingredients: the tongue scraper is made of high-quality environmental protection materials, which is durable, safe, healthy, odorless and fragrance-free.
3. combination package design: the brush handle design of the tongue cleaner, combined with the exclusive formula, can comfortably and effectively clean the odor of bacteria threatening the health on the tongue. Together they ensure that the mouth is fresh and clean.
4. wide range of use: the tongue cleaning kit can easily remove sticky substances and food residues on the tongue coating. It is very suitable for people who smoke, drink and stay up late.

Squeeze a little cleansing gel onto the brush, hold the tongue brush with one hand and scrape it forward from the back of the tongue. Repeat a few times and you’re done!


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