S Factor Stem Cell Therapy from Swisdram

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S Factor Stem Cell Therapy from Swisdram

  • Sfactor Stem Cell Therapy is an Amazing Organic Stem cell based Product.
  • It can trigger the release of your own body Stem cells:
  • A Stem Cell is a blank cell with no special function but awaits to be told what to do by our DNA system.
  • It has the ability to turn into any kind of specialized cell in our body.
  • A Stem cell can turn into a cardiac cell, bone cell, muscle cell, liver cell, pancreatic cell, blood cell, brain cell, nerve cell, among others.
  • How this happens is as easy as activating the body’s own adult stem Cells for them to carry out their roles of protecting the body against any cellular damages.
  • Sfactor stem cell contains lots of neutricetical and antioxidants, it is antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial, anticancer and contains lots of vitamins and active ingredients that make it a great product to use (organic stem cell).
  • Because of what it does, it helps our body get rid of disease- causing pathogens by Repairing Damaged Cells, Restoring , rejuvenating Sick Cells, & Aged Cells.


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