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এখন আর পেইন্ট (রং) করার ঝামেলা নেই, একদম ঝটপট রং করার জন্য এসে গেল পেইন্ট জুম

  • Product Type: Paint Zoom Professional Electric Paint Sprayer Paint Gun.
  • Paint your walls, fences, furniture or just have fun with our Spray Paint Gun.
  • With 3 adjustable spray settings; painting jobs will no longer be a challenge or a chore.
  • Works well on all surfaces and is suitable for everything from paints and varnish or oils and disinfectants.
  • Now you can paint like a pro instantly transform any room into a magnificent space and have fun doing it.
  • Paint Zoom Platinum’s advanced spray technology gives you beautiful, smooth, 100% coverage.
  • Perfect for flat walls or tricky textured surfaces like stucco, brick, paneling, crown molding.
  • No more drips, spills or splatters just pull the trigger and paint.
  • 800ml container capacity
  • Three adjustable system
  • Gloss paint system
  • 1.6-meter tube length
  • 650W motor power
  • 24 x 19 x 12 cm dimension


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