Bathroom Sink Pipe Cleaner Power Dredger

Product Details

Package included: Dredging tool for cleaning pipes 1 x


  • Type: Pipe dredger
  • Material: PP + TPR + Silica Gel
  • Color: Orange & black
  • Application: Sink, pool, sewer for bathroom, mop pool, bath, toilet, etc ..
  • Size: 7 * 10 * 17cm
  • Weight: 134g

How to use (step by step):

Step 1 – Fill the water chamber Before using the Clog gun, you will need to fill its water chamber. To do this, turn the device so that the wider end is facing up, and fill it to the top without overflowing it.

Step 2 – Turn the device over After the water chamber of the device is full, quickly turn the tool over and place it directly over the clogged drain.

Step 3 – Click on the black surface After you turn the appliance over the sink, shower or bath, click on the round black surface that you will see at the top of the appliance. If you press down hard enough, it will send water into the clogged drain and clean up debris. However, if you press on it too lightly, you may need to push it again with more force to clear the drain.

Step 4 – Remove the appliance and check Finally, after you have completed the pressing step, remove the appliance from the sink and check the drain to make sure it is clear. If this is not the case, repeat the step.

Bathroom Sink Pipe Cleaner

Bathroom Sink Pipe Cleaner


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